Amish Eden Series (4 Novels)


Amish Eden Series (4 Novels)

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Set of 4 Amish Eden novels
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Amish Eden Series (4 Books)


Rebecca, a Mennonite young woman, leaves home because of the pressure to conform to her grandmother’s Old Order Amish ways. She makes wrong choices, gets innocently embroiled in trouble, flees, then discovers a peaceful sanctuary in the seclusion of a kind and gentle Amish family.

Even though Rebecca’s problems multiply when she evades the truth, her faith in God deepens. She falls in love with Aaron King, an Old Order Amishman, but he doesn’t know her true identity–or does he? Besides, doesn’t he belong to Sarah, Rebecca’s Amish friend? How can she permit hiskisses? How can they betray sweet Sarah?


Elizabeth Stoltzfus, a young Amish widow, finds love again; but can she rip her infant daughter away from her only relatives by marrying Elam and moving far from her family and church district?

Through many trials, her faith in God remains steadfast. Then the buggy accident. Will the results dash their hope for fulfillment.


At nineteen, Rachel Kay Lapp accepted the responsibility of rearing her eleven younger siblings. Jonas Yoder, her betrothed, deserted her and married another woman.

He returns after his wife’s death and asks to call on Rachel when she is thirty-three and alone. She enjoys his company but ponders over his interest in her. Would learning to care for this man again bring ecstacy or another heartache?

Her faith gives her strength and courage through many adversities; but is her trust in the Lord strong enough to sustain her when a disfiguring accident threatens her newfound love?



Peter and Leah Lapp move to Kentucky. Their carriage is stoned. Why? An intruder enters their locked house. How? If a belligerent neighbor resorts to maliciousness to get what he covets, what more might he do?

The Bentleys, Christian Englischer neighbors, become good friends with the Lapps. Will their Bishop approve?

Through challenging troubles, Leah relies on her faith. Her hope is undergirded by Scriptural truth.

She takes in stride the stoning, the vile threats, and endures property destruction; but her hope is sorely tried when Peter gives in to worldliness. Will he confess and conform? If not, Shunning will follow. Will Leah now have to endure a life that is worse than being alone?


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