BEYOND EDEN, Book 4 in Eden Series

BEYOND EDEN, Book 4 in Eden Series


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Peter and Leah Lapp move to Kentucky. Their carriage is stoned. Why? An intruder enters their locked house. How? If a belligerent neighbor resorts to maliciousness to get what he covets, what more might he do?

The Bentleys, Christian Englischer neighbors, become good friends with the Lapps. Will their Bishop approve?

Through challenging troubles, Leah relies on her faith. Her hope is undergirded by Scriptural truth.

She takes in stride the stoning, the vile threats, and endures property destruction; but her hope is sorely tried when Peter gives in to worldliness. Will he confess and conform? If not, Shunning will follow. Will Leah now have to endure a life that is worse than being alone?


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