SHADOW OF AN ANGEL, Book 4 in Rebel Series

SHADOW OF AN ANGEL, Book 4 in Rebel Series


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In SHADOW OF AN ANGEL, the Harris family saga continues. The result of a strange attack creates turmoil at Castle Crest. Who would have resentment toward Tiffany and Nathan?

Building continues at Sunny Horizon. Jo’s brother, Hunter, is smitten with Abigail Hayden. Sadness surrounds the lady. What is torturing her? How can Hunter soothe her torment?

A secret past is tearing Abigail apart. She cares for Hunter, but how can she permit their relationship to grow when she’s gripped by agony? How can she surmount her misery and get on with life?

Rachel Cortney, a darling little waif, is brought to the hospital with an injured finger. When Abigail discovers the four-year-old lives in the house of the town drunk, she vows to do something about it. Then her heart becomes more involved than she’d planned.

Her romance with Hunter blossoms. Still her secret torment agonizes her. Could he understand what she’d done? How did he feel about the way she was drawn to Rachel?

Granny Hayden holds the key to unlock Abigail’s emotional prison. How can she get the selfish and controlling old woman to reveal the truth? But if Granny talks, what trickery may be brought to light. Will the revelation help or hinder Abigail’s hopes and dreams to come true?


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