CASCADE FUGITIVE, Book 1 in Blaze Series

CASCADE FUGITIVE, Book 1 in Blaze Series


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Barbara Michel

Susanna takes her infant daughter and flees into the Cascade Mountains in order to keep her out of the clutches of a vicious woman. She’s forced to make sacrifices and is caught in many perilous situations. Because of her love for Maria, she becomes a fugitive, and her trust in God is tried.

She hides in a deserted cabin, but is it a sanctuary or another trap? Bounty hunters appear, and she’s forced to run deeper into the mountains. Who killed her friend’s husband and why? Is one of the men chasing her the murderer?

A malefactor is injured. Susanna is the only one who can aid him. If she doesn’t, he’ll die. If she does, he’ll turn her in to collect the reward. Is her faith strong enough to endure, or will fear spur her to race into another unknown danger?

Adoration for Matthew Colt nestles in her heart. Mystery surrounds him. Why is he hiding in the mountains? Is he running, too? Why and from whom? Can she trust him? Can she trust her heart?


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