COLORADO BLAZE, Book 2 in Blaze Series

COLORADO BLAZE, Book 2 in Blaze Series


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Barbara Michel

Mike, a vivacious sixteen year old, follows her grandmother to Luke’s ranch near Denver. Enigma surrounding the old man’s disappearance suggest foul play. Mike resolves to investigate the mystery.

What happened to Luke? Why are the ranch hands elusive? How many play a devious part? Who stands to gain by Luke’s death?

Is Tom, the foreman, involved? Because of Mike’s red hair, he dubs her Blaze. Her delightful spontaneity keeps the family, as well as the man she loves, in a flux. She solves one dilemma only to leap headlong into another. She discovers a secret passageway, but also finds trouble.

The stalker strikes! Blaze uncovers clues to the murder, but her curiosity and snooping invariably lures her into precarious situations. There are several suspects, but the evidence points to Tom. She’s attracted to him, and when he’s arrested for the murder, she vows to find the killer. She snoops, gets lost, and discovers that the killer is on her trail!

What will she have to do to escape? Can she uncover the evidence that solves the case before the murderer discovers. . . .

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