Counterfeit Nun

Counterfeit Nun


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Barbara Michel

Susan Elizabeth Lovell accompanies Sister Sarah Ann, her beloved cousin, to the Amazon jungle. Circumstances prod Susan to venture to Dr. Leon’s compound in Sister Sarah’s place. Alarm jangles every nerve when she realizes that most of the time she’s to assist Father Matthew Rapheal. His medical expertise is amazing. She’s a good nurse, but definitely not a nun. What if she does something to mortify her beloved cousin? What if Father Rapheal discovers her true identity?

Dr. Leon shows up on occaision and proves he’s an overbearing tyrant. He dumps the majority of his responsibility onto the priest. Mystery surrounds the compound. When a vivacious woman appears to meet with Dr. Leon, suspicion explodes within Susan.

Diamond smugglers invade the area. An Indian is murdered. Where’s Dr. Leon? Is he in with the criminals? An audacious stunt puts Susan in grave danger. Why do the smugglers insist that she knows the clue to the rendezvous point?

Forbidden love blossoms between Susan and Father Rapheal. What if he uncovers her guarded secret? Her heart aches, then she discovers that he has a secret, too.


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