Legacy of a Rebel, Book 7 in Rebel Series

Legacy of a Rebel, Book 7 in Rebel Series


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REBEL SERIES BOOK 7  (339 Pages)

Legacy of a Rebel


Barbara Michel

Laurel Lae, widowed by the Civil War, is a friend of Elizabeth Ann Harris. She struggles through heartache and poverty to raise Timmaly, her three-year-old daughter. She also feels responsible for Lila, her fifteen-year-old sister, who is lured by a man with questionable integrity.

The new Sunny Horizon in the Shenandoah enthralls Laurel as she compares it with the original house. Laurel harbors a secret. What if a Harris discovers what she’s hiding? It could shatter her already burdened life. “I must guard my secret with fervor!”

Lila vanishes. Laurel’s hardships mushroom, but finally, she finds a job to support herself and Timmaly. All seems well-until she meets her boss, tall, blond Seth Barkley. He loves Charlotte Ward. He treats Laurel kindly, but with indifference. It suits her-until she falls in love with him. Should she stay to fulfill her promise or take her child and run?

If she flees, might she sacrifice a possible romantic relationship with Seth? If she remains, will she be doomed to another heartbreak?


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