Mail-order Groom for a Rebel, Book 8 in Rebel Series


Mail-order Groom for a Rebel, Book 8 in Rebel Series

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Mail-order Groom for a Rebel


Barbara Michel

Donnie Jo promises her dying father to keep the Circle C for herself and her three younger siblings. As a widow with a small daughter, she struggles with growing ranch workload. Finances dwindle. She’s forced to let more hands go. Stress builds. Wiggling into jeans, she straddles her stallion to help with the cattle. She’s dubbed Rebel.

Desperation spawns a wild plan. When she finally confesses her deed, her sisters are horrified. Donnie hopes her smile will hide her doubts. Mounting Dixon, she gallops for north canyon to check on the herd. Char, her huge dog, follows.

Donnie’s stomach tightens. Will I be glad I advertised for a husband, or will I rue the day I thought up the mad scheme?

The prospective groom arrives when Donnie’s disheveled and smelly from working with cattle. He laughs. Her Rebel proclivity surfaces. They’re off on the wrong foot.

Time passes. Donnie longs to wait for love, but She must marry and join Andrew’s finances with hers in order to save the ranch. Finally, She plans a wedding. Will it bring the ecstasy she yearns for or surprise and shock?


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