Bride of a Rebel, Book 5 in Rebel Series

Bride of a Rebel, Book 5 in Rebel Series


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Barbara Michel

Abigail Hayden longs to travel to the Colorado Territory to visit her brother, Shane Hayden, who prides himself in being a rebel. Marissa Kohl, a pesky neighbor, is worse than a sharp stone in his boot. What might she do to ruin his chances with the lovely Annabelle Snow?

While Shane is convalescing, Marissa torments him. Avoiding her is impossible. He pities the man who will get stuck with her for life. She finds him handsome, but irritable and repulsive. Delight fills her when she gets opportunities to chide and taunt him.

Abigail recognizes Marissa’s sweetness. Why can’t her rebel brother see it? Shane seethes. How could his sister be taken in by firecat, his secret term for the girl?

Shane vows to remain a rebel. Gradually, his attitude mellows, but not his opinion of Marissa. When disaster befalls the Kohl family, he’s pressured to help. Unexpectedly, Marissa falls in love with him. Anguish grips her. What can she do? Will a rebel ever settle down? If he does, will he marry the rich and alluring Annabelle? Or is there a chance for Marissa to become his bride?


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