Return of A Rebel, Book 6 in Rebel Series

Return of A Rebel, Book 6 in Rebel Series


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Return of A Rebel (PAGE COUNT: 339)



Barbara Michel

A soldier, reported killed in battle, returns years after the Civil War, demands his rightful place and creates chaos for the Harris and James families. His wife has remarried. Now she finds herself legally tied to a man who had been unfaithful. She’s deeply in love with her present husband, but feels she can’t live with either man.

She goes to Castle Crest to find solace with Tiffany, but compassion can’t soothe away her emotional anguish.

Determined, Nathan James mounts and rides out to confront the returning soldier.

Savanna Martin leaves her home in Georgia and heads for Virginia to visit her sister. She arrives at her destination just in time to become embroiled in her sister’s emotional turmoil.

Savanna thought she loved Troy, but while he’s abroad on business, her heart strays. She becomes hopelessly entangled in a forbidden romance that further distresses the family. How can she solve the dilemma and still fulfill her hearts desire?


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