RIMROCK PHANTOM, Book 3 in Blaze Series

RIMROCK PHANTOM, Book 3 in Blaze Series


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Barbara Michel

Mike Johnson, dubbed Blaze by Tom, notices a shadowy form on a far cliff. One of the rustlers? Her curiosity mushrooms.

When Tom looks, the man is gone. He chides her about being fooled by a phantom. However, the shimmer in her sea-green eyes warns him that his darling Blaze could be lured into danger.

Intrigued, Mike slips into Rimrock Canyon to investigate. How are rustlers stealing Luke’s cattle? Why? And who’s behind the operation? She finds a corpse, then it vanishes. How? And why?

Tom warns her, but the desire to investigate draws her back to the canyon. Danny Douglas Colt joins her. They discover a secret entrance to a cave that leads them into trouble.

Love between Blaze and Tom deepens. What will she do when he leaves to build the bridge in Wyoming? Mike’s accompanying him would be improper, but remaining behind would break her heart.

Snooping invariably gets Mike into perilous situations. Lost in a treacherous cave, she’s terrified when the rustlers appear and plan to hang her. Her heart drums in her temples. Tom, having been injured, can’t track her. How can she escape?


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