Rocky Mountain Vixen

Rocky Mountain Vixen



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Barbara Michel

Ronnie Britten insists she be the one to interview Dr. Chase Masterson, a pharmaceutical research biochemist. Since Chase has a quick temper and abhors nosey reporters, Ronni’s editor disagrees.

When Ronni uncovers a plot against Chase, she decides to use it to gain passage into his impenetrable estate. Loaded with explosive info, she heads for the Masterson’s Rocky Mountain Lodge.

Steven, Chase’s father, is threatening to disinherit him if he doesn’t marry soon. They mistake Ronni’s identity and assume she’s Roslyn Brentwood, Chase’s unseen bride. Ronni intends to inform them–after she gets an explosive story.

Ronni tries to confess, but each time Chase makes her furious, and her vixen proclivity surfaces. In spite of their clashes, their romance progresses.

Roslyn appears, expecting to marry Chase, thus Ronni’s deceit is uncovered. Although Chase is in love with her, he’s infuriated and calls her his vixen. She endeavors to draw closer to him, but his insinuations and accusations spur her anger. Heated arguments ensue. Their romance is a continual emotional seesaw between amorous passion and uncontrolled fury.

Good intentions fail. Will Ronnie ever learn to control her anger and beguile Chase with her womanly wiles? Will he master his temper, or will he continue to misjudge her? Will they destroy their love for each other–or will they get their emotions on an even keel and save their relationship?


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Barbara Michel

Chase led Ronni to the edge of his heart-shaped swimming pool. “I call this Cupid’s bathtub. If a man tosses a woman into this water and steals a kiss, she becomes his ardent slave.”

She tossed her long red hair. “Thanks for the warning.”

“Who were you trying to contact when I caught you?”

She frowned. “Don’t you think it’s time I speak with my parents?”

He narrowed his eyes. “The futility in your expression told me you weren’t thinking about conversing with your daddy.”

“Think what you wish.”

“Wishing is cheap and imprudent. It’s facts that count.”

“Then maybe you should get a few of them straight.”

“I intend to, darling.” He spoke through tight lips. Who had she been trying to contact? A band tightened around his chest. Would he ever be able to trust her?

“How do you propose to unearth the truth that you think is evading you?”

The tilt to her lovely chin goaded him. “A private detective.” He watched faint color stain her cheeks. “Why should a probe alarm you if you have nothing to hide?” This was a new idea, but the alarm in her eyes increased his suspicion. The sooner he discovered her intent, the better.

Leaping forward, Ronni shoved him. He seized her wrist. Her scream was silenced as they plunged beneath the water.

She surfaced, sputtering. Chase came up beside her,. Anger turned the gold flecks in her brown eyes to bits of flame, giving him a sense of victory. After a hot glare, she struck out for the edge of the pool.

Laughing, Chase seized her. “I didn’t expect you to try the pool so quickly, sweetheart. What do you think?”

“I think your a monster. My dress is ruined!”

“Dress be hanged. If it’s ruined, get rid of it.” Reaching behind her, he zipped down her zipper, then yanked the strapless sundress off.


He released the garment. It floated away. “You look peachy clad in pink lace, my dear.”

Looking furious, she swam toward the ladder.

Chase followed, the pursuit arousing him. Seizing her waist with both hands, he turned her about-face, then pulled her into his arms. Apparently determined not to go under, she seized his shoulders. Embracing her, he captured her lips in an ardent kiss. Searing passion numbed their controversy. Consumed, they sank beneath the surface.

Chase shoved Ronni upward. They swam for the ladder together. He climbed out, then reached a hand to her. “Cupid isn’t so bad‑‑sometimes.”

Stunned from the kiss, she stared at him. His gray eyes shimmered like silver. As he bent toward her, the water droplets sparkled like jewels in his deep-golden hair. Tremulous, she climbed from the pool

He grinned. “Now you’re forever my slave.”

Ronni tilted her chin. “Maybe the pool will work in reverse, King Masterson.”

“Ah, but this is my kingdom, and I’m the one on the throne.”

Ronni shivered, although the sun was warm. She knew her reaction was created by the passion she’d experienced from Chase’s caresses.

“There are towels and robes in the bathhouse.” He tugged on her hand. “Come on.”

When they were inside, he closed the door. The scent of freshly hosed cement met her. She looked at a pile of neatly folded beach blankets near one corner.

Chase handed her a towel, draped a robe over the nearest chair, and unbuttoned his wet shirt.

Ronni took off her lacy garments, put on the terry robe, and wrapped her hair in the lilac‑scented towel.

Removing the last of his wet articles, Chase hung them over the back of a chair and wrapped a towel around his waist. Unable to take her eyes from his virile form, she backed to the pile of blankets. Chase caught her watching, and grinned.

A ray of sunlight pierced through the skylight and shimmered on his blond head and tanned body. As he moved slowly toward her, her heart beat wildly. She stared at the rippling muscles across his chest as he closed the distance between them. Stopping, he gently pulled her into his arms. She closed her eyes, knowing to meet his gaze would mean surrender. Heart pounding, she waited. As his embrace tightened, her towel slipped to the floor, allowing her damp hair to tumble around her shoulders.

Her hands, as though having a will of their own, moved over his warm skin, and stroked his back. His lustrous eyes brimmed with desire as his face drew near. When they were close like this, his suspicion vanished and passion ruled. When he kissed her, she melted against him.

His warm lips moved across her cheek and down her neck, his heated breath causing her blood to surge.

“I love you, Ronni, my enchanting but dangerous wife.” His voice husky, he lowered her to the pile of blankets.

“Oh, Chase.” His caresses turned her blood to liquid fire.

He murmured endearments as he molded her against him.

Drawn into a vortex of passion, she moaned.

“You’re mine, Ronni . . . mine.” His voice was low and caressing.

She soared to new and lofty pinnacles of passion.

His kisses were gentle and sweet, but possessive. “You’re quite a woman, my temptress.”

Ronni felt the throbbing of his heart, beating in rhythm with her own.

“Little vixen.” He grinned. “You’re using the oldest trick known to man, and I’m letting you get away with it.”

“It isn’t a trick, Chase.”
She had to tell him she was a reporter before Helina’s article hit the stands. Tentacles of fear and doubt strangled her from inside. Will one more night of cultivating Chase’s love be enough to subdue his wrath over discovering how I deceived him?

Urgency pummeled her like stones. She had to convince Chase of her love by being honest before she was caught in an avalanche that would bury their relationship and ruin their marriage forever.

“I’ll tell him—tomorrow.


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