Rocky Mountain Vixen

Rocky Mountain Vixen



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Barbara Michel

Ronnie Britten insists she be the one to interview Dr. Chase Masterson, a pharmaceutical research biochemist. Since Chase has a quick temper and abhors nosey reporters, Ronni’s editor disagrees.

When Ronni uncovers a plot against Chase, she decides to use it to gain passage into his impenetrable estate. Loaded with explosive info, she heads for the Masterson’s Rocky Mountain Lodge.

Steven, Chase’s father, is threatening to disinherit him if he doesn’t marry soon. They mistake Ronni’s identity and assume she’s Roslyn Brentwood, Chase’s unseen bride. Ronni intends to inform them–after she gets an explosive story.

Ronni tries to confess, but each time Chase makes her furious, and her vixen proclivity surfaces. In spite of their clashes, their romance progresses.

Roslyn appears, expecting to marry Chase, thus Ronni’s deceit is uncovered. Although Chase is in love with her, he’s infuriated and calls her his vixen. She endeavors to draw closer to him, but his insinuations and accusations spur her anger. Heated arguments ensue. Their romance is a continual emotional seesaw between amorous passion and uncontrolled fury.

Good intentions fail. Will Ronnie ever learn to control her anger and beguile Chase with her womanly wiles? Will he master his temper, or will he continue to misjudge her? Will they destroy their love for each other–or will they get their emotions on an even keel and save their relationship?


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