YESTERDAY’S PROMISES, Book 3 in Rebel Series

YESTERDAY’S PROMISES, Book 3 in Rebel Series


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Barbara Michel

Tiffany Harris James is devastated when she discovers what has happened to Elizabeth Ann, her beloved sister.

Andrew Murphy and Rebecca Henderson, neighbors to Castle Crest, are in love. Tragedy strikes. Will the traumatic result last forever? What about the promises they’ve made? Tiffany is determined to solve the crisis.

Alaina is ecstatic as she plans her wedding, but an unexpected turn of events threatens to pull Michael into the vortex of a dark void. Can he be accountable for promises he doesn’t remember making?

Jenna Leigh Cristen, a friend of Tiffany, feels called to teach at the Blind and Deaf School in Staunton. Then Robert, her brother, suffers from injuries sustained in an accident and holds her to a long-ago promise. Falling in love with Rev. Mark Goodwin further complicates the situation. Mark feels called to start a church. Jenna is torn. Mark has his calling. She has hers. How can she keep her promise to Robert, be obedient to God, and fulfill her heart’s desire with Mark?


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